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You acquire your personal access to the video recordings of a total of 8 hours of the introductory course held by Mahesh Gandhi live on five Mondays from 9.11. – 7.12.2020. With this course you have the unique opportunity to learn the basics of his model „PEM“ (Personal Evolution Model) developed over decades.

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In the lectures, Dr Gandhi impressively and comprehensibly illustrates that every human being is emotionally stuck in an inner age, which shows itself in repetitive behaviour patterns in the most diverse situations.
These developmental phases of the ego can be found in the three kingdoms of nature analogously in developmental phases of evolution. In turn, they can provide valuable clues to a substance that is also chosen according to the principle of similarity. Countless, astonishing successes, even with the most severe mental illnesses, make these groundbreaking, as well as simple findings for every homeopath an extremely helpful tool for daily practice.

His experience as a renowned psychiatrist with many years of clinical experience and at the same time as a homeopathic companion of the world-famous homoeopath Dr. Rajan Sankaran, have made him the most important representative of this special combination of ‚Homeopathy and Psychiatry‘. As a pioneer in this field, he gives us a compact insight into his groundbreaking and pioneering findings.

Dr. Mahesh Gandhi

Dr. Mahesh Gandhi
M.D., D.P.M., FCAH (Hom), MF Hom (London)

is known all over the world for his expertise in homeopathy and psychiatry

Graduated as M.D. in Psychiatry in modern medicine in 1981. With a passion for teaching, he has taught in Hospitals and Medical Colleges for almost 10 years. He has written a book in Psychiatry, which is very popular amongst the undergraduate medical students.

Dr. Gandhi was an Honorary and Head of Psychiatry Department in a prestigious medical college in Bombay, but resigned to pursue an interest in Homoeopathy. He also co-authored many books on subjects related to Psychiatry. For about 30 years he has been very closely connected with Dr. Rajan Sankaran and is a member of his team for more than 15 years.

Because of his background in psychiatry, he has had the opportunity to treat many psychiatric cases. This has given him a tremendous insight into the homeopathic treatment of cases related to psychiatry.

Dr Gandhi has been invited internationally to give seminars on this subject in many parts of the world, such as the USA, Israel, Great Britain, Australia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Yugoslavia (Serbia), South Africa, New Zealand, Russia, Japan, Spain, Netherlands, France, Norway, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Hungary and Germany. In addition to lecturing in India, he regularly gives lectures in most of these countries and was a speaker at 4 international homeopathic congresses where he spoke about various psychiatric disorders.

He is a teacher and guide for postgraduate courses (D.P.M.) in psychiatry in Mumbai.

The University of Mumbai has allocated 50 places each academic year for graduate students of homeopathy to be trained by Dr. Gandhi for a Fellowship Course in „Homeopathy in Psychiatry“ recognized by the University.
He is a senior faculty member at an International Academy of Homeopathy – „The Other Song“ in Mumbai, where students (Indian and international students) are regularly trained in advanced homeopathy – these courses are recognized by the University as official certificate courses.
Dr. Gandhi’s work, the PEM „Personal Evolution Model“, is about recognizing a person’s inner age, which he relates to the evolutionary stages in the different natural kingdoms. In this way he has given the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms a completely new interpretation of homeopathic remedies. In addition, he incorporates the 4 basic elements as classification and recognition features in his work.
He has published three books on this subject so far:

‚Personal Evolution Model‘ – The Basic Book

‚Fear and Panic‘ – a PEM Perspective

‚Desk psychiatry for homeopaths‘
‚Ancient plants – Ancient wisdom‘

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